Turn events into emotion

Our 19 300 m2 of floor space are ready to welcome an event of any size. With 2 convention centers, 3 auditoriums, 95 meeting rooms and an exposition hall, which is completely modular and adaptable, we can take care of you whether you are 10 or a party of 4,000 guests.

Another advantage is that all our convention centers and meeting rooms are easily accessible on foot. A ten-minute walk is all you will need to go from one end of the corporate venues to the other.

Everything you need to do business is right here, but we also offer just what you need to replenish, motivate, and have fun.

Our technical team will know just how to help you by offering a multitude of solutions including Wi-Fi access for up to 10,000 unique users simultaneously, applications such as ConnexMe to inform your attendees in real time about the activities during your event or access to use our infodecor services allowing your audience to experience the event on the big screen.

Our guarantee is to make each corporate event a unique moment for all of your guests. To do so, our experts will help you select and create your very own personalized solution that can range from privatizing one of our business hotel, a restaurant, an attraction or, even, the entire park.

In fact, nothing compares to offering your collaborators an evening of memories after a full working day.

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