Let your corporate event come to life in this spectacular space

Congress centre - Disney® Events Arena
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Whether you want to host a convention, launch a new product, hold a general assembly or an exposition or even organize a corporate evening with a show, gala dinner, disco night or a Viennese ball, anything is possible in the arena’s 7,200 m² of space.

The space’s fully customizable surface and neutral interior offer a multitude of possibilities and almost infinite ways to personalize a corporate event. You can transform the space, manage the configuration, and give it the theme you desire.

With its huge welcome capacity, the Disney® Events Arena offers that special bonus point that allows you to throw a professional event or a corporate evening of any size.

When you add imagination, know-how, and the collective experience of our dedicated teams who will help you develop the ideal concept, well, the result will be a event that is unique, memorable, and customizable down to the smallest detail. We can respond to all of your needs when it comes to set design, scenography, or equipment thanks to our concept team and our audio-visual experts.

corporate event or access to use our infodécor services allowing your audience to experience the event on the big screen.


In addition to that, the Disney® Event Arena is in the heart of the Disneyland® Paris zone where professional events are held. This makes it ideal for your guests because they will only be at a 5-minute walk from the hotels and other event spaces. Plus, they will have full access to all the services and installations that we offer. Another reason to choose this venue near Paris for your next corporate event.

But don’t just take our word for it; let us show you that magic is part of our daily job! Contact us to find out how we can accommodate your event and quickly sign up to visit the site by clicking here.