Let your professional event take shape under the big marquee

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With the Dome Disney Village®, give your event the feel of a big show. This entirely modular conference centre is made up of two unique architectural structures totaling 2,300 m2. The Dome is right next to Lake Disney® and near the hotels and other event spaces in Disneyland® Paris, which means that you are only at a 10-minute walk from all our services and installations.

If you need to organize a professional event such as a business conference, an exposition, a plenary assembly, or the launch of a new product, or perhaps a more entertaining coporate event such as a disco party, gala dinner, cocktail or show, this neutral space has the unique architecture that will give your event that original touch.

The talent and know-how of our dedicated teams ables us to find the ideal concept for your professional event making it unforgettable, unique and personalized down to the smallest detail. We can take care of any type of need concerning decoration, set design, scenography and equipment with the support of our concept team and our audio-visual experts.


But don’t just take our word for it; let us show you that magic is part of our daily job! Contact us to find out how we can accommodate our conference centres to fit your professional event; and sign up quickly to visit the site by clicking here.