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Disney Business Solutions, as if you were there !

At Disney Business Solutions, innovation and immersion are in our DNA. So when the first enhances the latter thanks to virtual reality experience, we give you Disney Business Solutions VR : the first application that lets you explore our event spaces as if you were there !

Download the all new Disney Business Solutions VR application now on App Store and Google Play, take a virtual reality headset or cardboard and head for the Disneyland® Paris event spaces!

Wherever you are, you will be able to wander around our two convention centres and see the rooms that can host your meetings, conventions or workshops. Then, step into our largest spaces: Disney® Events Arena, Dôme Disney Village® and Disney Studio 1, and see how they are transformed to host your big events and receptions in photos and videos. You will also discover our possible layouts and experience the putting together of our largest events in photos and videos.

You can Look up, down, in front and behind at any time! The VR technology offers a 360º total immersion experience, which is perfect for exploring the venues and imagining your next professional event at Disneyland® Paris!

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