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Disney’s Newport Bay Club® Convention Centre reopens

This 5500 smq Convention Centre got its original splendor back, while 14 meeting rooms have been pre-equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment during an 8 month refurbishment !

On september 26th, Disney’s Newport Bay Club® Convention Centre has been unveiled following an 8 months refurbishment period. Outdoors, facades and roofs got their original colors back while remaining true to the hotel’s architecture, typical of New England. Indoors, all 23 meeting rooms have received new tapestries and more elegant floor surfacing, using both wood and carpet.

Lobby, ballroom, meeting rooms: an entire 5500 sqm modular space has been fully refurbished. It can easily adapt to any kind of event: conferences, workshops, plenaries, dinners or exhibits. The refurbishment follows that of the hotel, which was completed in spring 2016. From all 1093 rooms, including 13 suites, to the Convention Centre, along with facades, restaurants and the pool, all of the hotel facilities have been updated. And that is how Disney’s Newport Bay Club® has been awarded a 4th star.

The refurbishment also included the creation of the Compass Club: a private floor offering extra services. Moreover, a high speed wifi connection is now available throughout the Convention Centre, and 14 meeting rooms have been pre-equipped with state of the art audio-visual equipment.

Disney’s Newport Bay Club® is located at the heart of Disneyland® Paris, close to the theme parks, as well as other professional and special event venues, like Disney® Event Arena, and the TGV and RER stations.

Disney’s Newport Bay Club® Convention Centre refurbishment is part of a larger renovation plan of Disney Business Solutions facilities. As we re-imagined our brand around both our special events expertise and the Disney know-how in terms of story-telling, we are re-imagining our venues around both our clients’ needs and the new trends in the events industry. This is how we offer unique venues for unforgettable and emotions-filled events in our destination!

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