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Events: the comeback of the live show

Brands are buying more and more into large-scale shows and events to strike more of a chord with their employees. A look back at this marking trend of 2017.

The telecoms and agrifood sectors are just two major French industries now choosing the live show as an annual event to engage a whole audience of employees. So important have they become that, shared and posted en masse on social media, these happenings have become an essential part of the corporate events programme. The live show is making a big comeback. To make sense of this phenomenon, here are some of its key features.

The live show as a communications tool

A live set-up with professional sound, lighting and cameras, mass streaming on social media, reporting style video: all the media employed at these ceremonies is on a par with the coverage hoped for in terms of corporate communications. These events are even at the centre of special strategies, both external and internal. Broadcasting the show is a way for a company to ‘flex its muscles’ on a highly competitive market, in terms of the internal communications opportunities it affords, and it is especially helpful when a company needs to communicate about its strategy, above all during the most sensitive moments of its transformation. Asked for his impressions on this growing trend, Thierry Magne, event designer at Disney Business Solution, explains: “A film can produce emotions, music too, but the live show creates an emotional response unlike any other. Bringing people together in one room to give them an experience and share a sense of belonging is extremely powerful.” 

The live show as a management and business tool

Where for strategic reasons seminars are planned out to bring together employees in just a few business areas, the show is designed as a powerful and unique immersive experience to rally and unite the majority of an organisation’s employees. Participants are invited to take part in a symbolic moment, an experience where they are invited to share the company’s values which in turn encourages attachment to these principles. A powerful and emotive tool beyond compare, it is a highlight on a company’s internal calendar while externally it is an opportunity to embody a vision and set a new direction. In this respect, the show becomes a helpful management tool, a chance to promote a company’s long-term strategy as well as assert its presence in the here and now and its values.

It also plays a hand in a company’s media strategy, offering the possibility of expanding its networks of influence and getting people talking about the business, which will then grow. Social media now affords multiple opportunities to magnify the success of these events, on the one hand by acting as an echo chamber through dedicated hashtags and direct reactions, and on the other hand by fostering interaction with the participants, often completed by an app designed especially for the event.

Immersive, embodying, emotive: the corporate show unites all the ingredients essential to the success of an event and return on investment, both internally and externally.  A real underlying trend for our businesses, at a time when loyalty and engagement are important variables that are constantly in our sights!

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