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Hi-tech in the event industry: three trending musts

What bleeding-edge technology is taking the events sector by storm? Here’s an overview of three major trends.

Innovation shapes the world and in the race for technological prowess, the events world is shaking up as never before. The VR (virtual reality) market is slated to grow by 54% in the next five years according to Mind Commerce. Demand for interactivity is ever higher, transforming events, which increasingly have to feature thrilling, immersive experiences. We interviewed Manuel Bacquart, the tech expert managing Technical Sales at Disney Business Solutions, for insights into the trends now shaping the market.

#1 LED walls and interactive screens for ever more immersion

As much a staple in our lives as in events, screens afford the possibility of creating astonishing  immersive experiences. “This year we have all sizes of LED screens plastered all over walls and even staircases. There are events with LED walls several metres high,”  Manuel Bacquart pointed out. “And this equipment is now available as plug-and-play plates, which are quick and practical to set up.” The manufacturer LG pulled off a great feat in January 2018, setting up a LED wall at the International CES in Las Vegas. Visitors could walk through breathtaking scenery produced with 246 screens. Mind-blowing tech!

An extra tech touch: interactivity. “Some screens are fitted with sensors to detect movement, helping to create a truly customised experience.”

#2 VR, AR and MR : experiencing on the inside

With ever-developing devices, meta-reality is trending and growing with each year. After experiments in augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR), the next development will be mixed reality (MR) combining both. The highly discreet US start-up Magic Leap is readying up the launch of a head-mounted, virtual, retinal display, which superimposes virtual imagery over real world objects.

“Here at Disneyland® Paris, we occasionally use VR for small events, like team building. It always has great impact!” Parallel or enchanted worlds: don your headset and enjoy an immersive experience of your favourite universes!

#3 Humanoid robots, articulated arms: robot entertainers

2018 is the year when robots really hit the stage, and seminar. Humanoid robots will increasingly be used to welcome, assist and entertain the public. Many were to be seen strolling down the aisles at the May 2018 Vivatech trade fair, including some made in France. As for articulated arms, they are no longer confined to factories, and are embracing the events world. Cinébot, Artbot and Custombot: articulated arms are here to put on a show. The Grand Palais in Paris recently put on an exhibition called “Artists and Robots” focussing exclusively on them.

Technology is without any doubt a major source of inspiration for the events sector. “Technological progress is ongoing. For us professionals, it’s really exciting and we are constantly watching new trends, to offer our clients the very best,” Manuel Bacquart concluded.

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