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Magical Fireworks

The limited-period, must-see Disneyland® Paris show.

Each November for the last 15 years, Disneyland® Paris commemorates a famous English event on the Disney® Lake: the anniversary of the death of Guy Fawkes, also known as Bonfire Night or The Gunpowder Plot.

What started out as a simple firework display and a bonfire has transformed over time into a true pyrotechnical spectacular assembled and prepared by our creative teams.

Although the “Magical Fireworks” event has just ended after three shows, let’s look back at the resources used to create the event which attracts 20,000 guest spectators each year!

For Denis Lemonne, Senior Manager Concepts & Supports, the Magical Fireworks are far more than just a fireworks display. The design of the scenography creates a true Sound, Light and Pyrotechnic spectacle, in the form of a heroic musical fresco in 7 movements, commemorating an historic event in England. Three nights a year, 32 people are marshalled to assemble and dismantle the show and to take part in the actual production.

Everything begins with the installation of the scenography and – the starting point – the creation of the original soundtrack at the beginning of June which lasts a week. The soundtrack is a mix of classical, rock and pop and world music. Next comes the choice of pyrotechnic provider, the technical feasibility study which takes around two months and lastly the assembly and dismantling of the installations, which takes a week each time. The undertaking is true team work and synergy in action: our design office therefore works side by side with the Disney® Village technical teams, a technical lighting and special effects team and the Disneyland® Paris entertainment teams.

The teams have to face a number of challenges: short rehearsal times, flow management, weather constraints, safe distances from the fireworks, etc. On top of all this, Denis Lemone must innovate by updating the show each year : “Our Bonfire Show guests, who are mainly English, come especially to Disneyland Paris to see the show. Many return each year, so we have to refresh and innovate.”

This year for example, 50 luminous spheres located around the lake punctuated the different sequences of the show with light. There were also 3 lasers and 24 projectors, representing a large, and notably floating, technical installation. “The show lasts 24 minutes, which is quite a long time, and is why we focused on the scenography, in order to produce a top-quality show which is unique in its genre” tells us Denis Lemone, Senior Manager Concepts & Supports. 

On seeing the reactions of the guest spectators once again this year, it was Mission Accomplished for Denis and his teams!


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