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The renovation work on Disney's Newport Bay Club® has begun

Our sights are set on quality because we want our corporate guests to have the experience of a lifetime.

Half of the 1,093 bedrooms at Disney's Newport Bay Club have already been revamped since October.

An ambitious project

“This is a huge project, reflecting the grandeur and the majesty of the hotel itself,” says manager Marco Bernini. 

In fact, with its 1,093 rooms, Disney's Newport Bay Club is one of the biggest hotels in Europe.

The purpose of the renovations is to meet our clients' expectations for spacious rooms with a more contemporary, minimalist decor. Like in the rest of the hotel, we have preserved the look and feel of a New England seaside resort, providing the refreshing change of scenery that our clients enjoy. We have also chosen to use noble materials like wood to give the rooms a cosier and more welcoming feel. 

After revamping Disney's Sequoia Lodge and Disney's Hotel Santa Fe, Sylvie Massara, who is Art Director for the Resort Creative Development team, is putting her skills - and those of her team - to the service of Disney's Newport Bay Club. Her job? To create and develop a new interior design that is comfortable and practical, and makes the best use of space, light and materials. “On this project, we are not just thinking about aesthetics. We also have to consider other requirements in terms of the materials used and the layout of the rooms. So it is vital that we understand how the hotel is expected to look when finished.”

The rooms are a cosy ideal for winding down. The decor replicates the inside of a ship's cabin, the furniture is reminiscent of travelling trunks and everything is bathed in a soft, subdued light. The new desk will be very useful to our business clients, who will now be able to sit down and work in comfort.

The restaurant and swimming pool are also being renovated and a new fitness room is being built.  

In the restaurant, which has 100 tables and 418 chairs, work has been done to reduce the level of noise from the kitchens.

The acoustics have also been improved in the swimming pool. Noise levels are often high in swimming pools and the work done has reduced ambient noise by six or seven decibels, which makes a very significant difference.

As for the fitness room, it is much bigger and brighter than its predecessor, with views over the lake.

Disney's Newport Bay Club is a short walk from our events venues and just 15 minutes from the Disney Parks. The hotel also has its own convention centre that can accommodate from 10 to 2,300 people and can be adapted for meetings, lunches, gala dinners or shows. It has a separate reception area for business people, a business centre and a 400 m2 lobby for coffee breaks and cocktails. So all the participants in an event can be accommodated in the same place. 

The hotel renovation project in figures:

524 rooms emptied in 3 days

- 5,240 coat hangers

- 1,040 beds (equivalent to the surface area of Lake Disney)

- 1,032 curtains

= the total renovation area is equivalent to 25 basketball courts!!!

These renovations follow the refurbishment of Disney's Sequoia Lodge, which was a huge success. The latter now boasts a new, superior category of accommodation: the Golden Forest Club.   

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