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On the trail of the interactive “Roadmap to adventure” rally

Designing the interactive “Roadmap to adventure” rally: Margot Gosetti di Sturmeck, who monitored the project from its first tentative beginnings through to launch, looks back.

It started out as a treasure hunt, according to Margot Gosetti di Sturmeck, Graphics Designer at Disney Business Solutions. Available since 2017 from the range of team building experiences, the interactive “Roadmap to adventure” rally involves repelling the evil forces seeking to take control of Disneyland® Park. Using a tablet, groups of 2 to 6 participants roam through the park on the lookout for Disney-related clues and challenges.

The original designer invited me to planning meetings as a fan of Disney films and characters, to contribute to writing the story,” Margot Gosetti explained. Her expertise in graphic design also proved to be a precious asset for the designer, who entrusted her with developing a specific visual world for the adventure. Beyond creating the elements for the participants’ touch tablets, she also ended up coordinating the various stages, liaising with Disney’s legal and creative experts.

Participants are welcomed to the game via introductory sequences shot in the park with the characters, which set the tone straightaway. It all happens on the tablet: the introductory film, then the challenges to find details on photos, race against the clock or observational challenges. Margot recounted that “The real challenge was to avoid modifying anything in the park, and yet you really get the impression that you’re interacting with this amazing environment!

The project team got down to creating an all-new adventure for participants who play alongside park visitors enjoying a day out. “We wanted to encourage participants to observe every last detail in the park, while making sure of their safety, keeping them away from busy arteries and maintaining a sense of mystery and atmosphere.

The architecture also needed to be set up, for people to join in the spirit of the game. “The project team came up with all sorts of plot twists, unexpected things coming from nowhere, to keep everyone’s breath well bated,” Margot pointed out. The last stage was to test it in the field. “After several months’ work, I was fully convinced of the game’s effectiveness and quality. It was a real pleasure to watch participants reacting, especially those originally doubtfull, only to thoroughly enjoy the story!” she concluded.

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