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Bruno Ruslier

Event Designer

My obsession: capturing exactly what the client is after and delivering a service that exceeds their expectations.

I discovered events when the profession didn’t really exist. Back then, all you had were communication companies and audio-visual production agencies. And then organizing events soon became a specific task. Like many of my generation, we jumped on a train that just came from nowhere. All we knew was that it was new, exciting and creative and that there was the budget to create some crazy stuff!

Key information:

My job

I am lucky enough to have the dual role of event designer and director – two roles that differ much more than you might think.

As a designer, my job is all about telling stories, and doing that for Disney Business Solutions is a very serious task. My obsession: capturing exactly what the client is after and delivering a service that exceeds their expectations. 
My recipe for achieving this is simple: listen, listen, listen!

I learned something important during my time at the Centre Pompidou: a concept can be expressed in a single sentence...but can take days to mature.You can easily tell if you have a good event concept. It can be organized around all budgets, from the smallest to the most ambitious, because the guiding idea is so strong.

Once the concept has been established, the storytelling takes over. This involves following the concept, whilst still keeping the experience of the participants at the heart of the text. It is essential to have empathy for thespectators orparticipants. From the young child who still believes in Father Christmas to the highest company manager – the level of empathy has to be the same.

Then as soon as the client gives the green light, I put on my director’s hat. I talk decor, music, costumes, dialogue, lights, sound and rehearsals. The text becomes concrete, or as we say at Disney: dream becomes reality.

My best memory

It doesn’t seem like I’ve been here 22 years. The projects are extremely varied, and Disneyland Paris is an amazing playground with endless possibilities. And everything moves really fast in events. You are always100% in the present moment, whilst keeping an eye on the future. So looking back isn’t really my thing, and the best memories are sometimes the most recent.

For me personally, it was the opening ceremony for our newRatatouilleattraction attended by The Walt Disney Company world n°1 Bob Igerand Disney Parks world n°1 Tom Staggs.

And there’s also Discovery Cup. Created last year, it’s a challenge designed for business relationship people at all levels. My mission was to give them a team-building experience lasting… 16 hours. The aim was to give them a preview of all our new event products,including our new Ratatouille evening. It was a massive success. Our Guests had a great adventure, including the unexpected, one-off experiences and plenty of humour. It all ended with music and dancing.

And my upcoming projects? The “Black Dinner” at Halloween, when Cruella will cook an English speciality in a black and white design, Captain Hook will be offering crocodile kebab and the witch in Snow White will be preparing her famous dodgy apple purée.Plus the ceremony to mark the laying of the 1st stone of Villages Nature.

Today, I have a Masters in Business Tourism, I share my passion with students and I always have the brain capacity to think up new stories to tell for my upcoming events.And maybe even your event – why not?!

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