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Estelle Lambart

Audiovisual Team Leader

01 60 45 76 27


I always try to go beyond my technical remit: adding that little bit extra to ensure the client goes away with a smile, foreseeing the unforeseeable and being unfailingly responsive.

My background is in audiovisuals with an advanced audiovisual technician certificate, specialising in Sound. I came to Business Solutions by Disneyland® Paris as an intern in the Convention Centre teams, and returned as an audiovisual technician after getting my advanced technician certificate, initially on a fixed term contract and then on a permanent contract. I became team leader after 5 years.

Key information:

My job

My years as a technician were very enriching, and form the basis of the job. In this job we are in direct contact with the clientsin the field during their events. We have to guarantee the image and the quality of the service. Experience in the field has meant that I have met every kind of client, with different requirements every time which we have to adapt to.

This experience is a real asset for my current position. It enables me to handle interactions with other departments in the field (banquet/set-up/room service/coordination) on a daily basis and to optimise the technology, by working in close cooperation with the vendors on the most appropriate configurations. It also enables me to anticipate better any last minute hitches. Over time, you get to understand “what works” and “what doesn’t work”…

I started my career path in Business Solutions by Disneyland® Paris. We are lucky to have places with a great room capacity and different configurations. This all makes it possible to create unique, even exceptional events and we have new challenges every day.

For me, being good at my job means going beyond the technical specifications that have to be produced. It means understanding exactly what the client wants and ensuring that the technologymeets their expectations. It also means adding that little bit extra to ensure the client goes away with a smile, foreseeing the unforeseeable and being unfailingly responsive.

My best memory

There are so many! Memories about the technical challenges and about the AMWAY event which required non-stop work over several weeks with different configurations every day and very short assembly times. This event was a real challenge and required very precise logistics and great teamwork.

I also have some more humane memories. As a technician, I worked on the “Black Cabs” event. I was working on the technology for the dinner/dance part of the event, to which sick children had been invited. And that is where working in the technical department at Disneyland®Paris is not just about doing technical work. I have this memory of a guard of honour that we made to go out of the room with the castmembers from other departments who were working that evening. And I can still see the children’s smiles, the parents’ appreciation… and the face of a small boy who danced on Michael Jackson and who gave me a high five at the end of the evening!


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