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Graziella Beccaria

Reward Solutions Business Developer

+33 (0)1 60 45 73 35

+33 (0)6 79 57 19 70

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What motivates us every day? When our clients thank us for achieving and even exceeding the desired results.

Within Disney Business Solutions, I am in charge of Incentive Solutions, and our work is dedicated to incentive and loyalty operations. I am Italian and have lived and worked abroad in Europe and the United States for a number of years. So I speak four languages fluently and have a diploma from the International Business School. 

Key information:

My job

My role is to offerDisney products such as gift experiences, Disney Park entrance tickets and gift vouchers to companies who are looking for incentives to motivate their sales teams or retain their best clients.

You have to like and believe in the products you sell!Tenacity, curiosity, energy, team spirit and creativity are alsoimportant qualities. And I’d also say that a good helping of humourdoesn’t hurt, either!

Disney Business Solutions is also one of the departments within Disneyland Paris that develops at the pace of the world we live in. We keep a close eye on the economies and politics of different countries, companyrestructuring, the problems they face and successes they enjoy and the people who manage them. And I like this dynamic approach!

My best memory

I don’t have just the one best memory – I have lots! When clients for whom we have run sales promotion operations thank us for achieving and even exceeding expected results. Or recipients delighted at receiving a gift experienceas a reward for their talents and sharing their success with their nearest and dearest.

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