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Manuel Bacquart

Technical Sales Manager

0033 1 60 45 74 64

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My objective is to get the most from people and technology and deliver a perfect service for the client.

I am self-taught and have a real passion – I’ve always made every effort to find and use the latest audio-visual and technical equipment in my work to amaze the audience. A successful event is one that leaves spectators gasping with wonder and happy that they have been to the show.

Key information:

My job

A good Technical Sales Manager knows how to get the best from every member of their team and the available technology, ensuring that every service delivered gives the client the best value for their money.

I chose to work for Business Solutions because US companies have an attractive image: “give yourself the means to do things, give your all and you will reap the benefits”. Today, I am surrounded by loads of people who are already applying their talents well, and my role is to identify the ones I can take further and mature within my team. I am proud of their success.

My best memory

There are so many… One of them was when we were preparing for a European tour. My colleague and I had travelled to Walt Disney World in Florida to rehearse the show. Opening night was approaching fastand we were behind with encoding the equipment (a slide show this time – photographic film in a frame and inserted in several synchronized slide projectors – for those who weren’t born then). Our Orlando colleague working with us alerted us to the fact and suggested that we worked in shifts day and night for the two weeks up to when the tour started. Every night, I would cross Epcot Center and World Show Case to get to theediting studios, passing my American counterpart as he came off shift. He did the same in Paris until the dress rehearsal at the Convention Centre at Disney’s Hotel New York. The days and nights were demanding throughout those two weeks, but we had a perfect show in six languages and it was about to tour the whole of Europe… Our reward was our pride in having done our best for the show – simple, effective teamwork. 

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