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Carrefour Banque event ”Love is in the lending”

Carrefour Banque treats its best salespersons by organizing its annual event at Disneyland® Paris.

Carrefour Banque chose Disneyland® Paris as the venue for its “Love is in the lending, happiness is in the bank” event last January.

Almost 650 people, the best salespersons who had successfully risen to the annual challenge, were rewarded and congratulated. Originally devised by the Carrefour Voyage agency before being developed and staged by our creative teams, the concept was a means of linking the highly topical theme of the popular TV show “L”amour est dans le pré” with Carrefour Banque’s current commercial activity.

After attending a plenary meeting in the amphitheatre of the Gaumont Cinema in a truly rural atmosphere, the guests were then welcomed at the start of the evening to the preview of the Dôme Disney Village®.

Cows, donkeys, goats, piglets, chickens,… were all present and reserved a surprising “more lifelike than nature itself” welcome for all the guests as they made their entry between bales of straw and produce from the orchard and vegetable garden.

The evening then continued in the main concourse of the Dôme, decorated entirely in a “country” theme where rural features were given extra emphasis by the latest technologies in technical and audio-visual equipment. Those attending were able to taste a seasonal buffet and take part in a great speed-dating game – a compulsory theme, given the circumstances! – and end this unusual and festive evening on the dance floor.

A totally novel event, designed and orchestrated by the Disney Business Solutions teams.

Mr Pascal Rénier, Carrefour Banque Director of Sales, recalled this day of 30 January 2014 and shared with us his enthusiasm and his satisfaction with this successful event.


There was a team dedicated to us, which was devoted entirely to the project, they really went the extra mile, as a significant part of the creativity was given back to us.

Pascal Rénier, Carrefour Banque Director of Sales

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