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Conforama organising its 2015 annual convention at Disneyland® Paris

A European leader in furnishing and household appliances, Conforama once again placed its trust in Disney Business Solutions to organise its annual event from 25 to 28 May 2015.

The convention brings together all of the employees to exchange views on the past year’s results and also to address the outlook and challenges of the year ahead. The event began with a plenary meeting in the Disney’s Hotel New York® Convention Center and featured the introduction of the new CEO, Alexandre Nodale.

The participants were then accompanied to the gates of Walt Disney Studios® Park which was their private venue for a unique and magical evening! The programme included outdoor cocktails, attractions and a party with a DJ.

Ms Baya Sklarchick, Communications and Events manager reflects on the occasion which gained unanimous acclaim from who attended.

And that is also what makes a convention successful, having an extremely corporate experience but also an experience where the interactions take place in a warm and friendly atmosphere. And it is true that Disney makes this possible.

Baya Sklarchick, Communications and Events manager

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