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ORPI organises its annual large sales convention at Disneyland® Paris

ORPI chose Disney Business Solutions to organise its large sales convention.

This event, which takes place every 2 years, gathered together almost 1,700 participants – bosses of the ORPI agencies and their employees.

The primary objective was to get the sales forces together: the guests were initially invited to a plenary session in the convention centre of Disney’s Hotel New York® during which the corporate culture and the sense of belonging were highlighted, and the overall objectives of the ORPI network presented. This was done in order to motivate all the members of staff and get them all behind one major objective: increase the turnover of each of the agencies.

All participants were then invited to cocktails followed by a gala dinner served in the Walt Disney Studios Park, which was closed to the general public for the occasion. They were able to continue this unique and magical evening dancing late into the night on a dancefloor that was specially installed in the Times Square room of Disney’s Hotel New York®.

Mr Stéphane Moquet, Director of Cooperative Services and Events Department, reports on this event.

The highlight with Disney is the benefit you feel the next day, anyway the highlight for me is being in one place and having three options - the conference centre, the hotel next door and the Park, without anyone having to use their car, without having to organize transfers, which is really practical for us as organizers.

Stéphane Moquet, Director of Cooperative Services and Events Department

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