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Roadmap to Adventure: you’re the hero at Disneyland® Paris!

You think you know everything about the Disneyland® Park? Every story, site and secret, every nook and cranny? Maybe, and then again, maybe not! We now offer you the chance to become the hero of your very own Disney story with a total immersion adventure in the Disneyland® Park!

Our Roadmap to Adventure team building event is an immersive, interactive rally for teams of 2 to 6 people. No wands required! A digital tablet, quick wits and courage are all you need to take on the Disney villains who have seized control of the Magic Kingdom. Your mission? To find and face challenges, contests, quizzes, games and fun in the four corners of the Park. 

Our teams developed this team building event based the popular escape games. They used their storytelling–and especially storyliving–expertise to create the perfect balance between real and virtual, leveraging the interactivity of the tablet and the Park’s unique emotional charge. Our goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind experience, different from anything Disneyland® Paris guests normally encounter.

Each team is guided on their quest by a digital tablet which indicates the various areas to visit and the villains to be faced. After completing each mission or challenge, the team moves on to the next step in an exciting, white-knuckle race to reach the requisite happy end. The day concludes with a prize-giving ceremony. A keen sense of observation, a taste for challenges and team cohesion are the keys to reaching the end of the event safely, and successfully!

The Roadmap to Adventure team building was a unique opportunity for our creators and creatives to really have fun! By playing with the richness of Disneyland® Paris' stories, they have developped an unprecedented and immersive scenario thanks to augmented reality.

Denis Lemonne, Concepts & Support Senior Manager

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