All our rewards rolled into one!

Disneyland® Paris’s gift vouchers are sure to create a multitude of emotions for whoever receives them!

Available in €5, €10 or €15 denominations, Disneyland® Paris’s gift vouchers will allow the lucky beneficiaries to let their desires run wild. Offered as a gift by itself or as part of a Disney® holiday package, your guest can use them as they wish inside the entire park. Redeem them for a ticket entrance, to play in our 27-hole golf course, or for a dinner inside one of our many Disney® Village restaurants. The choice is all theirs.


  • Valid for one year from the issue date.
  • Can be used for purchases anywhere inside Disneyland® Paris: entries to the Parks, overnight stay in our hotels, lunch in restaurants, relaxing in bars, enjoying shows, buying gifts in shops or even playing in Golf Disneyland®.
  • Can be personalized with the name of the company and no extra charge.
  • Presented in a gift envelope
  • Can be combined with entrance tickets to the Disney Parks, holiday packages, evening events inside Disney Parks, seminars and conventions, and Park hire and parties

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