Building cohesion one beat at a time

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With the Rhythm and Voices activity, your teams will come together in perfect harmony to put on a collective concert.

Singers or percussionists? Your collaborators will have to choose in which group they’d like to be so that their combined talents will be revealed during a collective concert. The musical group formed can unify anywhere from 10 to 250 members and will result in a grandiose show that lasts 2 hours! Let your team member’s childhood dreams come true as, for once, they become stars, if only for an instant.

Our recommendation

Let the pleasure of listening be combined with the joys of dancing and add a dance workshop to your event. But also consider other options such as costumes and accessories or having a guitar accompaniment during the show or even film the entire moment and take home the memories!

*This team building is available from 80 to 250 participants.


*A personalized estimate will be provided for each request.



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