Make your event literally unforgettable with picture and videos.

Let your event last longer and save those memories for you and your participants, talk about it to your contacts, save those priceless reactions and let the word spread to your collaborators thanks to the photos and video from your event.


In order to immortalize those key moments and offer your guest unforgettable memories, why not call on our numerous photo and video services. A professional photograph will attend the entire event and capture the essence as well as take portraits of your participants.


We also offer the possibility to create photomontages with the pictures taken during the event to better share the photos from the day. Fully customizable with animations and sound design and colorful graphics, the photomontage will give your guests a souvenir of your event.


Video Report

Corporate event Video Report - Business Solutions Disneyland® Paris

Why not go one step further and actually film the event? A dedicated cameraman will follow your guest and shoot in HD all the key moments from your event and follow the order you decide upon. The cameraman can also bring a host to perform interviews on the participants. Take home the entire rushes or let us edit a film just for you.

Photo stands

Photo booths - Photographed event - Business Solutions Disneyland® Paris

To add a bit of fun to your event, we offer themed photo locations that allow your guest to take pictures while in a box facing a mirror where big Hollywood celebrities appear on your picture along with the theme of your event. Add a few accessories to jazz them up. In a group or all by yourself, everyone will leave with his photo souvenir making that day or night unforgettable.

Photo stations

Photo stations - Projected photos corporate - Business Solutions Disneyland® Paris

All photos can be viewed in real-time thanks to our photo stations, even though photos are still being taken covering the event. These stations can be connected to plasma screens or video projectors so they can be enjoyed right then and there during your event.

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*Rate based on a package including equipment rental, labor (8 hour day) and delivery of the rushes only.


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