Connecting your corporate event

Our hotels and convention centers are all equipped with the latest Wi-Fi technology, high-speed Internet and are fully customizable to satisfy all your needs and those of your participants. 

Free Wi-Fi

If you want to offer secure data communication for your participants, we offer free Wi-Fi through and through. Available in all of our hotels and convention centers, our services can handle speeds up to 2mb, ideal for any type of event. It’s that simple.

Premium Wi-Fi

Personalize your Wi-Fi

Add importance to your event. No more standardized Wi-Fi networks for everyone. It’s time to get personal. 

Personalized wifi conference - Wifi and telecommunications - Business Solutions by Disneyland® Paris

This is why Business Solutions by Disneyland® Paris offers a completely customizable interface for more connections, more comfort and higher performance. Optimize the impact of your event by creating your very own network name, welcome page and connection portal. Limit the access points and traffic so you can offer more visibility, presence, security and confidentiality to your participants as well as monitor messaging and access.

Personalize your connection portal and welcome page with your company’s logos and messages, 

the name of the event, an image, as well as an url or a link to your company’s site or event site and make your event a true network starting :

A specific network

If you would like to offer Wi-Fi services for a specific group of participants only, or even have specific hotspots to share exclusive data, or allow access to internet during set times during the event (such as during breaks), or block social networks, anything is possible with the Wi-Fi Services from Business Solutions by Disneyland® Paris.

This type of flexibility also allows us to extract analytics such as the number of members connected, the traffic, etc. We can show you our vast possibilities of analyses you can beneficiate from during your event.

Optimal Coverage

All participants should have access to Wi-Fi and thus access to all the organizer’s data, whenever and from wherever. So, it is a true benefit to offer meeting rooms, conventions spaces and hotels all in the same place. Our Wi-Fi offer will offer complete and uninterrupted connection day and night** no matter where you wander around in our lot. From one hotel to another, the interface automatically recognizes the user. Also, every hotel guest can connect up to 4 terminals*** in their room: mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, our Wi-Fi services work everywhere.

Our advantages

  • Fully customizable connection interface unlike anywhere else in France (network name, connection portal, welcome page)
  • Up to 10,000 users connected at the same time
  • A single connection without interruption day or night. (up to 12 hours)
  • Bring your participants closer together and put the focus on the uniqueness of your event.
  • 8 languages available on the connection portal
  • 24/7 hotline for technical support and assistance
  • A dedicated Conference Manager will coordinate and supervise the proper functioning of our network.

Technical details

  • All rooms are equipped with at least one hot spot that can hold up to 250 users. For the Ballrooms, many more hotspots are set up and can hold up to 4,000 users, 1,000 users in the hotel lobbies. The network can be configured to allow for 10,000 users onsite to connect without saturation
  • Uses the latest Wi-Fi technology for maximum connection speed: 802.11 ac
  • Fiber optic connections allow for traffic to reach up to 400 mbps


Also available are our reliable telecommunication services, fast and adaptable to your specific needs. Talk to our experts to find out more. Our high-performance Wi-Fi is not our only way to connect people.

We can set up a managed LAN, a local area network that allows you to exchange and share data in the fastest, most reliable and safe way. You could for example connect all the users on site, download and share applications locally or online or even through a cyber café in the heart of your event! We also have landlines that can be set up to be able to call locally or internationally with no limits. This means that you could easily organize a teleconference or videoconference.

Whatever your connection and communication needs are, our teams are there to advise and offer the best solutions.

Need some advice?

Contact us by clicking here. A dedicated bilingual expert will take care of configuring the Wi-Fi hotspots and be present full-time and onsite during your event. Our expert will advise you on the type of Wi-Fi relays that are best for your event.

**Uninterrupted connection for 12 hours; renewable by logging in again.
***allows for all devices with a Wi-Fi connection interface and adequate software to access the Internet through the Wi-Fi network, in areas covered of our hotels and convention spaces.



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