The Disney difference

We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.


Disney Legacy Perpetuated

Events authos and sensations creator, Business Solutions by Disneyland® Paris shares the Disney values ​​and legacy, storyteller of extraordinary stories. Universal and timeless, our stories engage audiences, reinforce messages and generate a strong emotional connection. Thanks to the power of the storytelling, our event experts use their creative abilities to bring the stories of our Guests to life, supported by the entire Disney team.


Talented and creative cast members

Bringing together 16,500 Cast Members, 500 talents and 120 nationalities, Disneyland® Paris team shines with its diversity and versatility. Hoteliers, concierges, chefs, waiters, actors and even project managers, they all place the Guest experience at the heart of their approach. Every day, they strive to exceed expectations and deliver an exceptional quality of service, which has made Disney famous worldwide.

Nos espaces

Unparalleled accessibility, optimal comfort

Near by the Parisian airports and major European cities, Disneyland® Paris is an unrivaled destination. Here hotels, convention centers and meeting rooms, restaurants, leisure areas and theme parks are just a few steps from each other. Combining charm, elegance and practicality Disneyland® Paris becomes the ideal place for an exceptional event.

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