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Exotic décor, tropical dance and music, embark on a Hawaiian adventure in the heart of Disneyland Park.

The great sorcerer Kahuna invites you aboard the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Disneyland® Park for a treacherous journey along side pirates and bandits. Watch out for enemy naval boarding! Next stop, Captain's Jack - Restaurant des Pirates where our hosts will greet you with lei flowers and tropical cocktails. Enjoy the exotic diner served under the palm trees and night sky. You’ll think you are in a live postcard.
The celebration continues with the Haka and Hula. No, they are not the apprentices of the great sorcerer Kahuna, but a Maori dance for the first one and a Polynesian dance for the second. It’s now your turn to try to do them.

Our recommendation

If you like the setting and don’t want the festivities to end, well, let the music play on through the end of the night with one of our DJ’s. You choose the musical theme, exotic tunes of the top of the charts. 


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