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Disneyland Paris Leaders Cup LNB 2018: The biggest names in French basketball touch down in Disneyland® Paris.

For the sixth year in a row, the bouncing sound of the orange ball reverberated around the Disney® Events Arena, with the top 8 Jeep® ELITE basketball teams competing against one another in a truly unique tournament. The job of putting the whole thing together lay with event coordinator Olivier Lagière.

The National Basketball League and Disneyland® Paris first formed a partnership in 2012, but the competition – previously known as the "Week of Aces" had already been around for 8 years. With a much more modern, family-oriented feel, the Disneyland® Paris Leaders Cup LNB – held over a weekend in a festive atmosphere – is an unmissable event in Disneyland Paris' sporting calendar. This sixth edition witnessed the best talent of the Jeep® ELITE league compete between February 16th and 18th 2018.

A family-focused sporting event

An essential date in the Jeep ELITE sporting calendar, the Disneyland® Paris Leaders Cup LNB is the perfect occasion for the family to get together and experience the thrill of basketball. As Project Manager at Disney Business Solutions recounts: "basketball is a popular family sport. Families come from far and wide to attend the event. As for the players, they're there for the competition! We provide them a tailor-made welcome, working with chefs to prepare meals carefully chosen to meet the requirements of sports stars. The players all stay in the Disney hotels assigned to them. We even organise DJ parties for both the players and spectators to enjoy after the matches. »

When the matches are over, the players gladly throw themselves into the usual autograph signings. These are special moments where players rub shoulders with spectators and young fans. In fact, the players' willingness to mix with the crowd is what makes this tournament so unique. With a smile, Olivier Lagière recalls the surprised and dumbfounded faces of the families "when they walk past the 2-metre tall players in the hotel corridor. » the heart of a unique space

In terms of the organisation, the main challenge involved transforming the place into a full-fledged playing field, one adapted to sporting competition on a national scale. Project manager Olivier Lagière is a real plate spinner. He was not only technical manager and main point of contact, but was also in charge of coordinating the entire project. He is the liaison between the National Basketball League and the different Disney Business Solutions teams he coordinates. As Oliver recounts: "we had to redesign and equip the 7,200 m2 Disney® Events Arena to make sure it complied with the standards of the league. This involved raising the floor and the stands, altering the VIP spaces and changing rooms, installing showers, toilets and phone lines, as well as booking the hotels and conference rooms. "Once everything had been set up, Oliver's second challenge involved the hosting itself. Over 4,000 people attended matches over the three days, a total of 12,000 visitors over the whole weekend. And to add the cherry on the cake, spectators were invited to attend evening parties. For the coordinator, while this event represented a real logistical and technical challenge, it was without doubt a resounding success.

Interviewed before the event, he shared his thoughts with us: "Monaco won twice in a row. If they win a third time, they would make Disneyland® Paris Leaders Cup LNB history! It would be unheard of! ". The Monaco basketball team seemed determined to stay true to form, lifting the trophy for the third time in a row on 18th February before celebrating their victory at Disney Village® surrounded by fans.

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